2013 PS11 Farm Market Season Opens

Rain has ended (we hope!) and we can feel the weather heating up. So excited to announce the opening of the 6th season of the PS 11 Farm Market on Wednesday, June 12th from 8a.m.-10a.m. at 320 West 21st Street, between 8th & 9th Avenues.

Our 3rd graders will have lots to share with you as they are taking their first field trip to our Stoneledge Farm in South Cairo, NY this Friday. The final step in connecting our students with the land and the food they eat.

June 12th will also be PS 11’s Harvest Celebration – students will enjoy the harvest from our own school garden and Stonledge Farm during lunch.

More info to come.

Look forward to seeing you at the Market.

Deborah Osborne

Letter from Stoneledge Farm:

The start of the CSA delivery season is coming quickly now. We have been working toward this day since last December and it is with great satisfaction that we can finally harvest your share. Farming is patience and commitment. Seeds planted months ago, tended daily are now ready to yield a harvest.

We are looking forward to a great CSA season. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail and I will be back in touch. We have been posting photos on the farm Face Book page over the winter and spring time. Take a look.

To a bountiful CSA season.
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm.

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Week 12

I hope everyone saw Irene through safely. While the PS 11 Farm Market will be open this week (Wednesday from 8-10) at 320 West 21st Street, Stoneledge Farm was hit quite hard by the storm. Deb and her family picked and packed all the crops they could before the storm hit so we will receive our delivery this week. However, the fields were under water after the storm and they are unsure about what crops will remain (see letter below.)

Here are the items that will be available this week:

Tomatoes • Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes • Leeks • Peppers •
Carrots • Hot Peppers • Summer Savory or Summer Thyme-(Almost dry. If you would like to finish drying the bunch, hang up and you can use it later during the cold months) • Peaches • Vanier Plums

Letter from Stoneledge Farm:

Our farm and the surrounding area has been devastated by the storm.

We received 10-14 inches of rain and have had severe flooding. The
National Guard has now arrived in the area and clean up has started on
the roads and bridges. Our fields were under 4-10 feet of water .
Everyone is OK. Pete and my house is on high ground and so we had a
place for everyone to gather until the water went down. We are going
to start to get the major trees cleared today and as the sun shines
and dries things out, we will be better able to take a look at what
crops remain. I will keep you posted.

We harvested this weeks’ share before the storm hit so Peter will be
making the delivery tomorrow.

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Week #11

PS 11 Farm Market, Wednesday, 8-10. We will have eggs – please email me if you would like a dozen. We only ordered 4 dozen – so first lucky four will get them!! See you at the market.


Letter from Stoneledge Farm:

It seems that every year there is a vegetable of the season that just simply produces more than we could have imagined. A couple of years ago it was the beets. This year it looks like it will be carrots. Carrots always amaze me but this year they have grown incredibly well. Pete and I have wanted to move aside slowly so the next generation could move in and Peter and Arliss now have the complete responsibility of all our production and harvest. They also do all of the driving to distribute the shares. A lot on young shoulders. They say the amazing carrot production is due to their superior management of the garden so confidence is not in short supply. Not sure, but there are a lot of carrots. The seed of the carrot is so light and the plants take so long to germinate that it is a constant battle keeping the weeds under control and the feathery leaves of the carrots growing. What a grand reward when we start to dig them.

What about the onions this season? They are the sweetest and largest we have ever grown. Try slicing them and roasting them. Just delicious. Peppers are so plentiful and the flavor is very good. Everything balances out in the end.

The tomatoes are plentiful although you may find that some have a green or yellow top. Just too much rain and cool and not enough heat and sun. But there are tomatoes and there is nothing like a tomato slice with a basil leaf sprinkled with salt. The Sun Gold Cherries continue on and just can not be beat for their flavor. Savor the summer flavors.
Enjoy the Vegetables
Deborah, for everyone at Stoneledge Farm
Pete, Peter, Arliss and Brenna

Tomatoes • Tomatoes-Sun Gold Cherry • Edamame (Soybeans) • Onions-Wala Wala Sweet • Carrots •
Peppers-Lilac • Hot Peppers-Serrano (They are hot, so be careful after cutting them.) • Lime Basil •
Okra • Eggplant-Zebra • Red Clapp Pears • Ruby Queen Black Plums and Ruby Queen Red Plums

Stoneledge Farm LLC
359 Ross Ruland Road
South Cairo, NY 12482

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Chef Melissa’s Recipes Week #10

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Week # 10

Don’t forget about us…. Market is running straight through the summer. Wednesdays, from 8-10 in front of PS11,320 West 21st Street.

Look forward to seeing you.


Letter from Stoneledge Farm:

The middle of summer and the tomatoes are starting to ripen. There are different varieties that will be coming your way as we go through the season. The first ones are the small salad type that ripen first. They are solid and firm. We are trying a new variety this season that was developed by Johnnys’ Select Seeds to be Late Blight resistant. In 2009 most of NY state farms, organic and conventional, lost their tomato crops to Late Blight. Since that devastating year, we are on guard and willing to give a new variety a try if it proclaims that it is resistant to the Blight. Hopefully we will not be put in the position to see it in action. Not this season with the ample sunshine and dry weather. Better safe than sorry, though.

Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes, small orange deliciously sweet, are a favorite and they also are some of the first tomatoes to ripen. We will try to keep up with them as they fill the vines each week. Just like a bite of summer. They probably don’t make it home from the CSA pickup.

There will be orange tomatoes that are an heirloom variety, large round red tomatoes, plum tomatoes. Each week we harvest the tomato patch and fill the crates for the CSA sites from the baskets as they come into the packing barn. There is no telling which varieties will be delivered to which CSA site. All delicious and the season comes and goes so quickly. Enjoy them while the sun shines.

Enjoy the Vegetables
for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

Tomatoes-Sun Gold Cherry
Eggplant-Black Bell & Raveena
Edamame-Soy Beans-(take the pods from the plant, rinse and steam for 3-5 minutes. Add salt if you like. Pop the seeds from the pod right into your mouth.)
Wala Wala Onions
Peppers-Biscayne-This is a Cubanelle Frying Pepper
Red Nectarines
Donut Peaches (Different varieties ripen at different times and so the season continues.)

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Week #9

Last week of summer camp, so last time to see the students in action before the school year begins. The Farm Market remains open though – every Wednesday from 8-10 a.m. in front of the school, 320 West 21st Street. In addition to the amazing produce, we will have coffee, honey, maple syrup and a new addition, homemade dill pickles. See you at the market.

Deborah Osborne

Letter from Stoneledge Farm:

We finally had rain and the ground softened enough so we could finish the garlic harvest. We worked all day and pulled the bulbs from the earth, crated and then hung the bulbs to dry until cured in the barn. The harvest looks wonderful .

Garlic is one of the favorites of CSA members and also farmers. We harvest the heads in July, hang to cure. When the heads are dry we separate the heads into bulbs and plant the bulbs in October. The garlic bulb stays in the garden until the next spring time when first the garlic leaves and then the Garlic Scapes emerge. Some of the first greens of spring time and the scapes are a treat after the long winter without fresh vegetables. We tend the rows of tall garlic leaves until we are ready to once again pull the bulbs and start the process all over.

We save about 1/3 of our harvest for seed stock for planting in the fall. Each head has 5 or so bulbs and each bulb will produce a head the next summer.

We have been adding products to the Market Place at the farm website slowly but surely. Along with the Coffee, Honey and Maple Syrup, our first batch of Dill Pickles are ready and can be purchased online from the Market Place. We are working with Jim Hyland of Winter Sun Farms, the Winter CSA share, and his partner business Farm to Table Co-Packers. We grow the vegetables and Jim and his crew process them. We plan on offering more products as the season goes on and I will let you know as they are available.

Enjoy the Vegetables
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

Early Jersey Wakefiled Cabbage, Thyme, Summer Squash, Cucumbers (skins are getting tough as the summer wears on. Better to skin them now.), Wala Wala Onions, Okra, Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes, Carrots, Peppers-Biscayne, Eggplant-Raveena a light green, long eggplant, Slicing Tomatoes, White Nectarines and Donut Peaches

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Chef Melissa’s Recipes Week #9

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